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You will find here all available downloads of VelocityPainting. Choose the version matching your operating system, unzip and double-click on the app, it's as simple as that.
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Latest release v0.5.4
Fix bug with "Projection Y" paint type in the case when bed center X and Y had different values.

Known issue on Linux: your terminal may display the message
Failed to load module "canberra-gtx-module" but everything will work as expected. Working on it...
Previous versions
EDeep review of the UI construction for better compatibility across platforms.
Error messages now decribe precisely the problem met
Progress bar with certain types of gcode file didn't work
Bug preventing from using the cylinder mode fixed
* new user interface
* removed the need for XQuartz on mac, making VelocityPainting 100% portable on all platforms
* free selection of painted gcode file name and directory by the user
* accurate process progression indication
* improved threading

Bugs fixed:
* painted gcode filepath no longer append to the previous one when generating multiple .gcodes in a row * removed development info displayed in the dialogbox * version number now displays correctly in the title * “generate” button is no longer accessible while generating preventing wrong user action
Add compatibility with relative extrusion values in .gcode files (e.g. Prusa i3)
* Add projection on Y and Z
* Add Spherical paint type
/!\ VelocityPainting is being developped by two individuals in their free time. It's still a beta, it's free and we hope you'll enjoy it, but please make sure the resulting .gcode file is clean before sending it to your printer (at least a good preview in your favorite slicer is recommended, Simplify3D is great to display the different print speeds). We don't want and won't take responsibility for wasted material or damaged printer...
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